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Turn your contested divorce into an uncontested one through mediation

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Divorce Mediation

When you’ve reached the end of your rope with your marriage, you may hope to end things quickly and easily. An uncontested divorce is ideal if you want to move on with your life as quickly (and cheaply) as you can — but that means coming to an agreement on all the major issues with your spouse. 

Just because your divorce initially starts out “contested” due to one unresolved issue or another doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. Mediation can help you reach agreements on child custody, support and property division that you both believe are fair. If mediation fails, you can always head back to court for a contested divorce. If it works, you may find it much easier to walk away from your marriage feeling satisfied with the ending.

What other benefits come from a mediated, uncontested divorce?

Many divorcing couples derive many benefits from working with a mediator to achieve an uncontested divorce, including:

  • It minimizes stress on both spouses and children since negotiations focus more on compromise than conflict.
  • Resolutions tend to come more quickly since mediation sessions aren’t subject to the court’s scheduling limitations.
  • Costs tend to be lower since mediation sessions are solutions-focused.
  • Spouses can keep their finances, and dirty laundry to themselves as the details of mediated agreements don’t get filed with the court.

Ending a marriage is never easy. Resolving your differences in mediation can help keep things civil between you two, though. You may want to continue browsing our website to learn more about mediation and the collaborative law process to see if these options may be right for you.