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You do not need a reason to get divorced 

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Divorce Mediation

Often, when people are interested in using mediation during their divorce, it means that things are fairly amicable. They need someone to help them adhere to all of the legal guidelines and get everything in place, but this isn’t a high-conflict situation. They’re happy to work together to end a marriage that they both want to leave. 

All of this can be very helpful in that it makes the divorce go more quickly and easily than if you were at odds. However, it may also mean that you don’t have a traditional reason for divorce, such as finding out that your spouse had an affair at work. Nothing really went wrong. You just don’t want to stay married.

Does this make a difference?

No one has to be at fault for your divorce, and that makes life easier

Thankfully, it shouldn’t really make a difference. Do not assume you need a reason. With modern no-fault divorce laws, you really don’t. You and your spouse are allowed to cite your differences and say that you want to split up, but no one has to decide that your reason is “good enough” for a divorce. In other words, you may not blame your spouse, and they may not blame you, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay married. 

Moreover, this lack of fault can make mediation easier. It keeps divorce from pitting you against your spouse in a “blame game,” allowing you to consider legal options that let you both work together to resolve the case. This is especially beneficial if you have children and you do not want to put them through that conflict.