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The first step to successful co-parenting is acceptance

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Child Custody, Collaborative Divorce

A divorce is not only the end of a relationship between you and your spouse but also a complete restructuring of the family dynamics. It is the time to prioritize your children more than ever. They will need stability and security, which can only happen when you and your ex learn to co-parent effectively.

The first step to co-parenting is accepting that it will not be easy and is an ever-changing process. Because of these, you must constantly adjust to things you may or may not like. Once you accept the challenges of co-parenting, you will be ready to commit to it and expect the unexpected.

What to expect when co-parenting?

The possibilities for conflict will be endless, particularly between former spouses. The no-fault ground for divorce in Tennessee is “irreconcilable differences,” but a no-fault divorce is only possible if you learn to communicate and collaborate. That can only happen if you set aside your differences for the benefit of the children. Here are the challenges you should expect when co-parenting:

  • You may feel alone whenever the children are with the other parent.
  • The children might prefer to stay with the other parent more sometimes.
  • You and the children will have arguments.
  • You and the other parent will not always agree on handling certain issues in your children’s lives.
  • There will be emotional barriers to get through, such as anger, resentment, hatred and dislike.

You must always keep each other informed and updated with the significant decisions you make for the kids, especially those relating to health, education, religion and extra-curricular activities.

The court can modify child custody arrangements

Whatever happens, you must never make disparaging remarks about the other parent to your children or attempt to turn your children against their other parent. Tennessee family courts do not take parental alienation lightly. You can confide in relatives or a support group whenever you feel negatively toward your ex. Furthermore, you must always pay attention to your kids and fulfill your parental obligations to prove you are a fit and competent parent.