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How can divorce impact young children?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Child Custody

Divorce can severely impact family members, especially children. If they are old enough, they can have a good understanding of what is happening around them. Unfortunately, young children might prone to emotional, behavioral and psychological issues because of the divorce.

Children’s reactions and responses to the divorce can be uncontrollable despite being present and involved parents. They often suffer the harshest blow, manifesting the following based on their age:

  • Babies up to 18 months old – Infants may not be conscious of what happens during the divorce, but they can sense tension when parents argue. The stress and environment can impact their growth, making them prone to tantrums and developmental delays.
  • Toddlers up to three years old – Children this age rely heavily on their relationships with their parents. When they decide to divorce, the child will often respond by being clingier and exhibiting regressions. They may also suffer from sleeping issues and other disruptive effects, making stable routines essential to keeping them healthy.
  • School-age children up to six years old – These children often react with fear during the divorce because they have no idea what can happen next. The uncertainty and disputes can confuse them, making them resist their parents’ separation.
  • Older children up to 11 years old – These children may feel like their parents are abandoning them, making them feel guilty. They may blame themselves for the divorce.

Young children may also lack the skills to process their feelings, potentially leading to severe stress.

Supporting your children through the divorce

It can be inevitable for children to have strong feelings about divorce. In these instances, parents play a crucial role in supporting them and choosing legal options, prioritizing their children’s needs.