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Divorce mediation offers many benefits for Tennessee couples

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Divorce Mediation

Have you heard of divorce mediation? Chances are you have not unless you have already been through a divorce.

Mediation offers a way for Knoxville, TN, couples to end a marriage without the hassles associated with a litigated divorce — even when couples have hit a sticking point or two that is currently preventing them from moving forward.

What is divorce mediation?

It is a process in which a neutral and objective third-party (the mediator) helps couples find divorce solutions in a non-combative setting. The mediator does not make decisions. He or she helps both spouses communicate better and reach their own decisions.

At one time, it was hard to find a legal professional with experience as a mediator. In these modern times, many family law attorneys, including ourselves, have come to understand and value the many benefits of divorce mediation.

What are the advantages of mediation?

Along with the chance to work out your problems in a safe environment while staying out of court, mediation offers a wealth of benefits:

  • It is typically less expensive than litigation.
  • In most cases, it is faster than traditional divorce.
  • It can preserve your privacy and that of your other family members (children etc.).
  • It gives you more flexibility in finding creative solutions for conflict.
  • In nearly all cases, divorce mediation is less stressful than courtroom divorces.

The advantages above can make your divorce as amicable as possible for you, your spouse and any children you have together.

Despite its benefits, mediation may not be appropriate for all couples in Knoxville and other regions. For example, if one spouse is abusive or bullies the other spouse, a traditional divorce may be the best choice. To find out if divorce mediation is right for you, please continue browsing our website or contact us directly to learn more.