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Child custody negotiations don’t have to be difficult

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Collaborative Divorce

Some people think that child custody negotiations are always a battle, but this isn’t the case. Your attitude and the way you work with your spouse during the child custody negotiations can set the tone for the remainder of the parenting relationship.

Let’s look at a few key points to remember as you work out a custody plan.

Always put the kids first

The needs of the kids come before anything that has to do with you or your spouse. Keeping them as the focus may help to make the process a bit easier. If the kids are old enough to understand things, you may even consider asking them what they want. Be sure you don’t make them have to choose between parents if you do this.

Don’t worry about the past

The past shouldn’t affect the child custody matters unless there is something that can have a negative impact on the kids’ health or safety. It may help you to remember that even a bad spouse can be a great parent. 

Wish your spouse the best

It’s easy to wish that your soon-to-be-ex wouldn’t have the best life, but your children may suffer if your ex suffers. Letting go of any ill will is beneficial for everyone in the situation since it can help the children and may remove some of tension.

Try to get the parenting plan set as quickly as possible so the children can have the stability they need. This should outline the terms of the child custody agreement. You should also include dispute resolution methods in case you need them in the future.