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3 steps to help make divorce mediation a more smooth process

| Aug 31, 2021 | Divorce Mediation

Mediation has become arguably the most popular method of alternative dispute resolution in modern divorces. Couples who don’t agree on how to split up their property or how to share custody can work with their own lawyers and a professional mediator to resolve those conflicts and file an uncontested divorce. 

Proper preparation is crucial for success during divorce mediation. The three steps below help set you up for greater success in divorce mediation.

Create an asset inventory and review state law

Negotiating to split up your property requires that the two of you communicate honestly about what assets you share and what they are worth. Going through your finances and creating an inventory of the income earned and the property acquired during your marriage will give you the information you need to negotiate during mediation. 

Additionally, familiarizing yourself with Tennessee laws about property division can help you explain what would happen if you did go to court.

Make a list of the factors that you believe matter

Did your spouse hide a gambling problem from you? Did they cheat on you and spend thousands of dollars on restaurants and hotels? Marital misconduct can easily complicate a litigated divorce, but it could help you during mediation proceedings. Pointing out various issues that you feel need to influence the settlement you create can help you secure justice in your divorce.

Leave yourself some room to compromise

You don’t want to enter mediation being manipulative and duplicitous, but you don’t want to be a total open book either. If you just ask for only what you want, you will have to compromise and give up something that matters to you. Wishing for a little more than what you would like to receive can give you space to back off a bit and compromise during mediation. 

Properly preparing for your mediation session can increase your chances of success and lead to a more amicable divorce and a better overall outcome.