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A new home can be a fresh start after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2022 | Divorce Mediation

One of the biggest questions people often have when they’re getting divorced is whether or not they should keep the family home. It may sound discouraging to them to have to move from a home that they loved, or they may just not want to deal with buying and selling houses when they’re trying to end their marriage. 

But the fact of the matter is that a lot of people discover that they can’t keep the same home themselves. They may not be able to apply for a new mortgage on one income, for instance, or a home that was purchased for a family may not make sense for a single individual. If it’s time to buy a new house, it’s also time to shift the way you think about it. Instead of thinking about it as something that you’re losing, think about it as a fresh start.

The next stage in your life

After all, your old home is just a reminder of what your life used to be like, and this may prove detrimental to your development as you move into the next stage. Maybe all you can remember are the arguments that you and your ex had, or you spend time thinking about whatever it was that they did to cause the divorce. This can make you feel like you can’t really move on and heal.

If you find a new place of your own, then you get a fresh start on a new life and you get to define exactly what you want that life to be. Where have you always wanted to live? What type of stylistic choices do you want to make? Were there things in your old house that you would have wanted to change but your spouse didn’t want to?

In all of these ways, divorce can actually be very freeing. If you focus on that, it makes it much easier to move forward with your life. Just make sure you know about all the legal steps to take when dividing your assets so that you understand exactly what financial choices you can make.