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What is an Agreed Divorce?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2024 | Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is a journey filled with unforeseen twists, turns and often, heartache and pain. However, in Tennessee, there is a smoother route available for couples who can find common ground: the Agreed Divorce. This streamlined process stands apart from traditional divorce proceedings in several significant ways.

What exactly is an Agreed Divorce?

An Agreed Divorce in Tennessee is essentially a simplified dissolution of marriage. It occurs when both parties reach mutual consent on all aspects of their separation. This includes crucial matters like property division and alimony, eliminating the need for prolonged courtroom battles.

The advantages of opting for Agreed Divorce

Efficiency is the hallmark benefit of an Agreed Divorce. Compared to its traditional counterpart, this route has fewer court documents and typically concludes much faster. Moreover, it tends to be more cost-effective because couples forego the need for extensive attorney involvement, court costs, expert witnesses, protracted litigation, etc.

Who qualifies for an Agreed Divorce?

To pursue an agreed divorce in Tennessee, certain criteria must be met. These include meeting residency requirements, having no minor children from the marriage and having no shared real estate or business ownership interests. Additionally, couples must be in agreement regarding property division and may not possess marital retirement benefits.

How Agreed Divorce sets itself apart

Unlike the often adversarial and drawn-out nature of traditional divorce proceedings, Agreed Divorce is marked by cooperation. Couples collaborate to find resolutions, fostering a less stressful and more amicable separation process.

Wrapping up

For couples in Tennessee who can work together on the terms of their separation, Agreed Divorce offers a fresh start. It is a testament to the power of cooperation and mutual respect during what is undeniably a challenging time.