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The basics of a collaborative divorce: What you should know

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce process is one that’s highly structured. The goal is for the divorce terms to be set by mutual agreement. These terms have to be based on factual information that’s shared during the process. 

You’ll have a team of professionals working with you during the collaborative divorce process. You and your ex each have your own attorney. Determinations about what other experts to bring in will be made based on the specific circumstances. For example, you may need someone who’s familiar with the pension division process if retirement accounts are part of the marital estate. Someone who specializes in child custody is necessary if that’s an issue in the divorce. 

Collaborative divorce is an informed process

Since you have experts in the applicable field working with you on the divorce, you can find out specific information that makes it easier for you to make decisions during the negotiations. It can take considerable time to work through everything, especially if there are scheduling conflicts with any party that’s part of the process.

Both attorneys will try their best to resolve the divorce matters. If there comes a point at which no agreements are possible, both attorneys must withdraw from the case. This means you and your ex will each need to find a new attorney who can work with you through the divorce trial.

Anyone who’s going through a divorce needs to ensure their interests are being protected. Getting together a collaborative divorce team is a step toward this since you have your own attorney. This is a stark difference from mediation, which involves using a mutual mediator. 

Don’t let the concept of a collaborative divorce intimidate you. There’s plenty of support available if you decide to go that route.