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3 reasons people seek divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Divorce Mediation

There has been a long-held cultural belief that once you’re married you must always stay married – through every fight and problem that might arise in the marriage. Recent generations have started changing these beliefs in favor of more individual freedom and personal happiness. 

Why do people divorce in the first place? Are there specific causes for divorce? Can divorce make your life happier? Here are three times divorce really is the best solution:

Your marriage is toxic

Marriage is often thought of as being the greatest thing in a person’s life, but that isn’t always the case if the person you marry ends up being aggressive, selfish or abusive. 

When your spouse turns into a different person after the wedding, it can take you by surprise. They may be more controlling or they may show a side of themselves that wasn’t seen before marriage. Divorce may be some people’s out when they’re looking to regain their freedom, control and well-being

Your marriage lacks emotional attachment

Many cultures and older traditions have people marry because it’s financially sound for the future of their family. Others may marry because it was a smart move when finding their footing in the world.

Over time, spouses may drift apart because there were little to no romantic feelings in the relationship. Some people will then look toward divorce to re-establish what they want out of life. 

You and your spouse have simply drifted apart

Marriage is a great way to be closer to the person you cherish. After marriage, however, couples might find that they no longer have time to do the rituals that brought the two together. 

Couples may no longer go on walks, dates, outings, or watch movies or shows that once sparked the romance between the two. There may even be a lack of sexual romance in the relationship. Spouses may look at divorce to regain a sense of joy in their lives.

If you’re considering divorce, then you may need to know your options. The right moves you make when filing for divorce can make your life better and more enjoyable.