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3 ways your child’s life may change after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Divorce Mediation

You and your spouse may have sat with your child to talk about your divorce. After talking with your child about what divorce will mean, why it’s happening, and that it wasn’t caused because of them, your child may have some questions.

Children are curious, especially if it means their life may change because of the decisions their parents make. Not every kid will ask questions, but you may still need to prepare. One of the biggest questions a child may ask is what will change in their life. 

Here are some things your kids may need to know:

1. Parents don’t often live together after divorce

Your child may not realize that divorce may mean one of their parents won’t be living in the same house anymore. This may cause them to question if they will still see their other parent. 

If you and your spouse decided how child custody and visitation are being handled, then this may be the time to talk about it. You may need to tell your child if and when they’ll be seeing their other parent.

2. Your child’s school may change

Some parents may need to change where their child goes to school. This may mean talking with your child about where they will be going. 

Your child may have a friend at their current school. You may need to tell your child that they won’t be seeing their friend as much after the divorce. If you want to keep your child’s friendship, you may consider talking to their friend’s parents to plan a play date.

3. You’ll have a lot more time for your child

Divorce may mean you have more time to spend with your child as they grow. Not only is this beneficial as a parent, but your child may have a healthier development. By telling your child you’ll have more time for them, you may excite them about the changes. 

You may need to seek legal help when deciding how your divorce will be handled – particularly when it comes to the issues with the children.