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Mediation can help protect your privacy during a divorce 

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Divorce Mediation

Any divorce in Tennessee can become a messy, embarrassing debacle. Former spouses may fight bitterly over property division issues, support terms and custody matters. Spouses may share embarrassing stories in court that harm each other’s reputations and relationships. 

For those who believe that divorce is likely, alternative dispute resolution systems like mediation can be a viable option. Mediation lets you resolve your disagreements outside of court. As an additional benefit, it also protects your privacy. 

Tennessee law makes divorce mediation confidential

The discussions you have about infidelity or substance abuse during your divorce could come back to haunt you and your ex for many years to come. However, it may be necessary for you to address those issues to arrange an appropriate parenting plan or property division settlement. 

Couples who have significant misconduct to consider but who worry about their reputations may want to employ mediation. What you say during mediation sessions will remain confidential in most cases. Only the agreement that the two of you sign will be part of your official court records related to the divorce. 

You can potentially talk about how much money your ex spent on hotels or at the racetrack without making those complaints part of the official court records for your divorce if you discuss these matters in mediation. You also won’t need to gather the same kind of evidence you would to convince a judge of the misconduct that affected your marriage. 

Understanding the various benefits of divorce mediation could help you find the simplest solution for the end of your marriage.