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2 ways to reduce sibling rivalry following a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Collaborative Divorce

Parents who are divorcing and who have more than one child will have to pay close attention to how the children are interacting with each other. There’s a chance that they will go through some sort of sibling rivalry. These might be attributed to the divorce. 

You have to be able to put your differences with your ex aside to do what’s best for the children. This can be difficult, but it’s important that the children see that both parents are committed to being a parenting team. That alone might stop some of the sibling rivalries, but you may have to address other issues. 

1. Don’t let children assign blame to each other for the divorce

Children may blame each other for the divorce. You must make it clear that the kids didn’t have any role in the decision to divorce. Your choice to end the marriage was solely an adult decision based on things that the children can’t control. 

2. Don’t isolate any child from you, your co-parent or other sources of support

Children who are going through their parent’s divorce need to know that they still have the support system they need. They also need to know that there isn’t any favoritism between the children, so be sure you’re spending time with them all. 

Setting up the parenting plan early in the divorce can provide your children with the stability they need to thrive. If you and your ex can work as a team to make this happen, you may find that it sets the stage for a positive parenting relationship. It might behoove you to work with someone who can help you to find creative solutions to the challenges of your case.