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Who can help me through the collaborative divorce process?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a great alternative option to going to court. It is still a formal process that requires legal representation, but you get to involve other professionals to help you reach an agreement that benefits you, your ex and your children.

Think of who you want to involve if you choose to have a collaborative divorce. Aside from lawyers who will represent you and your ex, you could hire other specialists to be part of the team.

Professionals who may help in the process

You could consider the following roles:

  • Financial analyst: They must remain neutral while reviewing the divorcing couple’s assets and liabilities. They will then facilitate discussions regarding property division and other financial matters.
  • Divorce coach: This role is usually occupied by a mental health professional with a credible background in collaborative law and mediation. Their duties include guiding the flow of the whole collaborative divorce process. They will schedule meetings, track the procedures, follow up as needed, and help each party set goals during and after the process. They also help keep other team members stay neutral during discussions or meetings. Their experience also makes them a great resource regarding child development matters. Couples could have one or multiple divorce coaches based on their circumstances.
  • Child specialist: They help with matters related to the divorcing couple’s children. They usually have a background in mental health, collaborative law and mediation, making them the resource for developing a comprehensive parenting plan.

Additionally, these roles might not apply to the entire process. They can join in only when needed and leave once they fulfill their duties.

Are these roles necessary?

They have diverse tasks but share the same goals: resolve issues and reach agreements in your collaborative divorce. Specific conflicts need a separate set of skills, requiring the help of these professionals.