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Can my behavior on social media affect collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce allows you and your spouse to negotiate the different terms of your separation. Unlike traditional divorce, wherein couples usually face each other in court, collaborative divorce might combine solutions like mediation and discussions to help you arrive at an amicable outcome.

The couple’s behavior and dedication to maintaining civility can help ensure the success of a collaborative divorce. For this reason, it is essential that you and your spouse are careful about what you do while the process is going on, even on your respective social media accounts. Here are examples of behaviors you should consider avoiding.

Bragging about lavish purchases

Transparency about finances can help prevent conflict and ensure collaboration between the couple during their separation. Frequently buying things and posting about them might lead to doubts regarding this transparency. Your partner might suspect that you are hiding assets, and they might refuse to continue negotiations or even take you to court over this.

Making questionable posts

Collaborative divorce also usually covers child custody, so it would help to avoid making social media posts that might put your character in question. If you make posts like irresponsible jokes and photos depicting alcohol use, your partner might leverage these to negotiate custody terms that are less favorable to you.

Speaking ill of your spouse

Custody negotiations generally consider your child’s best interests. Badmouthing your soon-to-be ex through your social media posts might cause you to look like an instigator of conflict. This behavior will likely put into question your ability to provide a stable and harmonious setting for your child.

As its name suggests, collaborative divorce generally requires the willing cooperation of both parties. Avoiding making social media posts that might spark doubt and conflict can help it succeed and increase your chances of favorable results.