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Resolving divorce issues amicably through collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Collaborative Divorce

Most negative events in life presents challenges, as it can be emotional and difficult to work through. Divorce is one of those life events. Even when spouses agree with the split, it is still a difficult reality to accept that the marriage is over.

A marriage is more than a union. It is a coupling of people, children, aspirations, experiences, property and assets. As such, uncoupling the union can be detailed, complex and contentious. There are memories, significant attachments and claims of ownership when it comes to dividing marital assets.

Reaching a final order of divorce can be an emotional and overwhelming process, but it does not need to be a lengthy and dispute filled pursuit. Not all divorces require litigation, making it important to consider your options when it comes to mediation and collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce basics

While divorce is often depicted as a difficult and dispute filled process, the Law Office of Heidi Plehn Wegryn, PLLC knows firsthand that divorces can be settled amicably and with resolutions that are favorable for everyone involved. With 17 years of experience in divorce law, our law firm has a history of providing creative and effective resolutions for our clients no matter how complex or simple the issues involved are.

Collaborative law provides an ‘outside of the box’ thinking when it comes to reaching a final divorce order. This process not only considers the parties desire for a time and cost-efficient process, but it also reflects the need to keep the matter private and amicable.

Amicable resolutions

With the desired outcome being an amicable resolution, a collaborative divorce requires both parties to be on the same page. This process relies on the parties to have productive, respectful and open communications. By creating a collaborative atmosphere set by established guidelines, the divorcing couple can tackle all their divorce issues.

Whether it is determining who gets what with regards to property division, what the co-parenting agreement will be or if child or spousal support is necessary, the collaborative divorce process allows each spouse to have control in the decisions made and the ability to express their needs, want and desires for each divorce issue addressed.

Divorce is an emotional life event, and it can take time to cope and accept this major change in your life. Nonetheless, the actual legal process of divorcing does not need to be emotional, difficult or riddled with conflicts. If you think a collaborative divorce might be in your best interest, it is important to understand this process as well as your rights.